August Craft Month Showcase Exhibition

August Craft Month Showcase Exhibition 2022 celebrates the craft sector in Northern Ireland with a juried selection of contemporary craft from practising designer-makers.

This year’s winners were selected by Daniella Wells, the exhibition’s guest curator and prize judge. With over 20 years’ experience in the art market, Daniella is also a market consultant for the UK Crafts Council’s prestigious Collect annual craft fair. At the opening night of the exhibition, Daniella spoke about the joys and satisfactions of collecting craft and the important role of collectors in supporting a strong and varied craft sector.

Exhibitors: the 2022 exhibition shows works from Andrea Spencer, Anne Butler, Gail Kelly, Jakki Trainor, Leanne McCormack, Michael Moore, Patricia Millar, Rory Shearer, Scott Benefield, Shauna McCann, Sarah Cathers, Stuart Cairns and Sue Cathcart.