‘Broken Borders’


War, borders, territories, and fear have been in Shauna McCann’s thoughts. The ownership and occupation of land and boundaries has caused many casualties of war.


Shauna began the base of this piece with abstracted borderlines from different territories, the altered landscape of territory lines within Palestine and Israel borders and the Russian / Ukrainian borders with the shifting lines of ownership of Crimea. The clay stacked placement of everchanging borderlines. The petrol bomb placed on a pedestal, claiming ownership of the territories below it. A victim inside the figure shaped bottle with ghost like features, crying out in pain and terror. The victims of war. The price paid for control.


Mediums: Black clay, crank clay, paperclay, porcelain and glass.

Artist Bio

Shauna McCann is a ceramicist based in rural Co. Tyrone. Her ceramic work is predominantly unique porcelain imagery and ceramic sculpture; however, she also dips in and out of many ceramic processes from throwing to alternative firing techniques. Her pursuit of clay has spanned over 20 years.

Born in Canada, Shauna moved to Northern Ireland in the 1990’s as a teenager. Shauna was awarded with a BA(hons) Degree in Design Crafts, Cumbria College of Art & Design in 2000. She is also Mum to two young girls.

Shauna has exhibited her work in many exhibitions since 2005 and has had several solo and group exhibitions. Some of her award-winning work also resides in collections in Lisburn and Germany.