Glass Runway

Glass Runway is a unique exhibition that enables glass artists and fashion designers from across the island to collaborate on the most surprising material you can wear – glass!

Showcasing the unexpected potential of glass and fashion, the participating artists use their skills not only to make, but to question the gender bias and champion inclusion: expect hot topics, hard truths, thought-provoking reflections and an unyielding focus on what beauty, gender and equality mean to different people.

This event is brought to NI craft audiences by the Glass Society of Ireland, in collaboration with The Council of Irish Fashion Designers, and will take place at Craft NI Gallery, Belfast between June 6 and July 25, 2024. The show is aimed at addressing gender equality, diversity and inclusion through exploring glass as a wearable material for all.

The exhibition will feature 20 glass artists and fashion designers showing collaborative and individual pieces which include glass bags, millinery, dresses and jewellery.

The industry term “Glass Runway” refers to gender inequality which touches many arms of society. The GSoI and CIFD wish to encourage a dialog on inequality, diversity and inclusion by exploring themes through this exhibition inspiring new ideas and statement pieces in this exclusive collaboration.

Partnerships between Irish fashion designers and glass artists include: Helen Hayes & Killian Schurmann; Aoife Harvey (NI) & Madeleine Hellier; Sarah Ward-Hendry & Róisín de Buitléar; Silvana Landa & Eleanor-Jane McCartney (NI); Ejay Griffin & Angela Brady, Sarah Foy & Alison Lowry (NI), Noema Damaris & Jennifer Butler.
Participating glass artists are: Meadhbh McIlgorm (NI), Kathryna Cuschieri, Ana Surdu, Maggie Napier (NI), Ruzica Ruane and Helen Hancock (NI).