‘The Kate Breastplate’

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The Kate Breastplate’ by Noema Damaris and Jennifer Hackett is a fusion of artistic expression and protective symbolism. Drawing inspiration from the indomitable spirit of Irish warriors, this concept reimagines Noema’s award nominated “Kate Dress” into a unisex garment. More than just clothing, it’s a shield; just as a parent safeguards their child, this breastplate is designed to guard against harm through compassion and reflection. A blend of mirror and sheet glass is used for the breastplate, crafted through the meticulous Tiffany technique. The tessellated glasswork echoes the herringbone pattern of the Donegal fabric and plays a crucial role in encouraging self-reflection and empathy in onlookers, advocating for a more compassionate world. The mirror’s reflective quality is a statement, urging the viewer to consider their actions towards the wearer, promoting a “treat others as you would like to be treated” ethos.


The Kate dress and the Kate breastplate are available for sale individually, please enquire for details.

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Artist Bio

Noema Damaris, founder of lifestyle brand Noema, has a PhD qualification in aerospace engineering. Her career diversion literally followed the saying – ‘every engineer has an artist and an entrepreneur hidden deep inside’. She left the fast paced world of engineering behind for a reset, returning to the way of life she knew growing up in Mallorca. Moving to Ireland helped her unearth her creativity and craft, inspiring her to promote a return to simplicity in how we live and dress . Her collections champion natural and sustainable fabrics – beautiful Irish linens and fine tweeds styled in easy looks for day and fluid silks for evening. The range offers garments that stand out as statement pieces but can also be layered to provide a variety of options in the true spirit of investment dressing.

Jennifer Hackett (formerly Butler), a South London native now based in Rome, is revolutionizing Tiffany’s method for the modern era, specializing in the copper foil technique. Inspired by archaeology, Roman life, music, and nature, she breathes life into her artistic vision of human experience, emotion, and resilience. With an unwavering dedication to precision and detail, Jennifer crafts intricate stained glass pieces that provoke empathy and introspection. Her contemporary, freeform, and sculptural designs push the boundaries of this age-old glass technique, inviting viewers to delve into the complexities of glass design. Having exhibited across Europe and the U.K., Jennifer proudly contributes to the esteemed tradition of stained glass art, beckoning audiences to explore the nuances of her craft.