‘Colourful Inclusion’


Colourful inclusion’ is a soda lime glass necklace which showcases the need for diversity in fashion through self-expression, shape and form for all identities, genders and diverse abilities. The necklace allows the individual wearer a multitude of wear options highlighting the personal harmony between themselves and Ruzica’s glass beadwork. As such, she hopes to change the narrative from the inequality commonly associated with the “ Glass Runway”.


Artist Bio

Ruzica Ruane, a skilled glass artist based in Dun Laoghaire, has been honing her craft since 2004. Specializing in the Lampwork Technique, she meticulously creates a diverse range of glass beads, with a keen focus on crafting limited edition jewellery pieces and fulfilling commissioned works. Her beadwork predominantly features blown hollow glass beads, intricately embellished with enamels, gold, silver, and copper leaf. Drawing inspiration from both ancient and contemporary styles, Ruzica’s creations are further distinguished by her unique artistic technique, resulting in captivating pieces that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation.