‘Perpetual Offender’

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Perpetual Offender’ consists of a short dress, a skull cap with glasses and ear defenders, a glass collar and a bag. The dress is made of bands of two different textures: one is an armour of leather, made from the offcuts of leather bag production, clasped together with small jewel like red glass drops, the other is a band of glass rings connected by links made of the cut-out shapes of the leather sections. Combined they create a layered armour effect, which symbolises how we as women build up layers of defence which we wear subconsciously. Although appearing protective, the leather armour does not entirely mask the body. The imagery of layered armour, chains, and other elements in attire and accessories serves as a symbolic representation of how societal norms uphold and propagate the cycle of inequality, echoing the beliefs and behaviours inherited from previous generations.

The materials used are veg tan leather, foiled leather and leatherboard with glass rings and beads. The dress, bag, cap, ear defenders and collar are available for sale individually, please enquire with the Gallery.

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Artist Bio

Róisín de Buitléar is a multifaceted artist, educator, and curator whose creative vision is deeply rooted in her cultural heritage. Her artworks are held in public collections across the globe, including prestigious institutions in Ireland, Britain, Japan, France, China, and the USA. Site-specific installations in public buildings in Ireland, including the Science museum W5 Belfast have been a mainstay of her work. Róisín’s recent focus explores the interplay of sound and light in both exhibition and performance settings. In 2024, her art work takes her to Spain, Slovenia, and New York, where she has been selected to show her evocative glasswork. Notable accolades punctuate her long career, including being the inaugural artist-in-residence at the National Museum of Ireland from January 2018 to January 2019. In 2022, she earned the prestigious Bonham’s Special Mention prize at the Venice Glass Week. Currently, Róisín serves as the artist-in-residence for the climate action project Dinnseanchas, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to using art as a catalyst for social and environmental change.

Sarah Ward-Hendry‘s journey has been steeped in fashion, design, and manufacturing from the very beginning. Her career commenced in costume knitwear for the BBC before branching into fashion, photography, and leather goods. Design and craftsmanship have always been intrinsic to her being. Now firmly rooted in Ireland, Sarah channels her creative energy into crafting seasonal collections from her studio workshop, presenting them under her brand name, Ruxx. Renowned for her fusion of stylish practicality and attention-grabbing design, she consistently delivers pieces with a luxurious finish, earning her a distinguished reputation in the industry.