‘All Caps’


For the Glass Runway, Ana has made ‘All Caps’, a piece of glass jewellery which serves as more than adornment; it is a bold declaration—a testament to the maker’s values and aspirations of living in a society that fosters equality, diversity and inclusivity. The glass letters are made from bullseye scraps of glass cut and stacked in layers to be fused together. Ana believes that wearable accessories hold similar potential for political expression, igniting dialogue and reflecting the evolving fabric of our culture, one striving for universal improvement.

For this piece, Ana has used bullseye glass, dichroic glass and a silver chain.


Artist Bio

Ana Maria Surdu is a Romanian born artist, living and creating in Ireland. A firm believer in the potential of activism through art, Ana brings up sociopolitical themes such as social justice or questioning capitalism featured by colonial activities of a minority power dominating the Earth’s resources and its peaceful communities.