‘Bound to Break’


Meadhbh McIlgorm takes part in this group show with ‘Bound to break’, a design centered around roses and concepts of restraint, bondage and BDSM. Seen as a symbol of extravagance and transience but also of traditional femininity, the glass roses are placed in padded silk cuffs; the cuffs are separated by glass rods, preventing them from doing anything practical. The artist is questioning whether women keep themselves in the role of submissive by hanging on to traditional ideas of the feminine. Is it time to shatter what binds them so beautifully, how do they do so without hurting themselves or others?

For the cuffs, Meadhbh has used mixed fabric including digitally printed faux silk and eyelets, glass (lightbulbs and kiln formed), rose petals, thread, jump rings and glass beads; the steel and glass bar was made using glass rods, steel, organza ribbons and faux velvet.


Artist Bio

Meadhbh McIlgorm is an Irish artist who tells stories through objects, installation and imagery. She studied Craft Design and History of Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, specialising in glass and graduating in 2013. Her practice takes a material-centred approach to ephemeral phenomena, intangible concepts, and liminal states. Her expanded studio practice includes the curatorial production of events and exhibitions with other artists and organisations. She is a studio artist at QSS in Belfast.