Alison Lowry and Sarah Foy have worked together on a design titled ‘Laoch’ (Irish for warrior). Drawing inspiration from the formidable silhouette of traditional male suits of armor, this creation provides the wearer with both protection and reveals vulnerability within that strength. Intended to be worn over a minimalist, gender-neutral strapless wedding gown, this piece comes to life with the wearer’s movement, symbolising the dynamic interplay between strength and vulnerability in the pursuit of equality and inclusivity.

Materials used include 100% Irish linen, slumped glass offcuts, metal studs and handmade glass beads.


Artist Bio

A lover of weddings and a passionate creator, there is no doubt that Sarah Foy was born to design wedding dresses. Providing a refreshing approach to finding one’s dream dress, Sarah has created magic in her studio in Dublin and Wexford for over 20 years, focusing on her clients style and personality when designing.

Alison Lowry, a glass artist based in Saintfield, Northern Ireland, operates from her studio, ‘Schoolhouse Glass.’ Renowned for her exceptional talent, Alison has amassed numerous accolades throughout her career, and most recently, was awarded second place at the Coburg International Glass Prize in 2022. Her work enjoys national and international acclaim, with pieces held in various public collections. Her ground breaking work, ‘(A)Dressing our hidden truths’, shown at the National Museum of Ireland, (2019- present), was one of the first acknowledgements of the Magdalene Laundries presented by an Irish Institution. The Museum has subsequently purchased the exhibition for their permanent collection.