‘Fold’ 2019, Wax and Wane Series

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Anne Butler’s body of work creates analogies between the geometric structure of the marble-like parian porcelain plinth and the flowing satin-like translucency of the porcelain when allowed to collapse and fold in multiple firings. A parian porcelain cube, which has been collapsed during multiple firings in the kiln, references relationships between material process and the passage of time.


The contrast of structure and the organic references physical and the metaphysical change in the state of being, strength and fallibility, balance, tipping points and rythmn of the passage of time.

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Artist Bio

Anne Butler trained in Ceramics in the University of Ulster and the University of Wales in Cardiff and now works from her studio in Northern Ireland. She has exhibited widely in Ireland, the UK as well as in many international exhibitions. Her work is held in private and public collections.

Anne’s working method is intrinsically connected to the act of making and the endless experimentation with the changing state of parian porcelain. A wide palette of techniques, which include casting, hand-building and sculpting, are continually being challenged and developed to contrast the precision of industrial techniques with the fallibility of the handmade. The sculptures are fired multiple times and explore concepts associated to the density of parian, as well as its satin, marble-like quality, when solid and its delicate fabric-like translucent folds when thin.