‘Vessels 2 and 3’


These works are a slight change of direction from Rory Shearer’s regular practice which is wheel based. Following a recent nerve damage of his right hand,, Rory started exploring the process of slab construction can be very rigid and precise. Rory hopes the surfaces on these vessels reflect his inner concerns that in some way his current approach has had to reflect and adjust to the ‘fractured’ nature of his current interaction with the clay.

Please note, these vessels are sold individually at £390 each; if you require more details about either piece, please contact the gallery. The larger vessel (Vessel 1) is available to purchase separately at £560.

Artist Bio

Rory Shearer has been making pots for 33 years. He graduated in 1976 with a BA Hons Degree in 3D Design (Ceramics) followed by a post-graduate Art Teachers Diploma. His first workshop was established in Newry in 1980 and his current studio is in the Antrim hills between Ballymena and Ballyclare. A Ceramic Specialist Lecturer and HND Fine Art Course Coordinator at Belfast Metropolitan College, Rory’s work is wheel based, broadly functional and he works with stoneware and porcelain firing in a gas kiln to 1280C in a reduction atmosphere. He believes teaching and making are essential components of his practice and each element enriches the other, “Teaching and making are both sides of the same coin, one side gives my teaching relevance and currency, the other feeds new ideas and approaches back into my work”.