‘I mean no harm’ Figure


For this exhibition, Sue Cathcart made two figures, the ‘I mean no harm’ figure and the ‘Police corgi’ figure, both made from papier mache pulp which is modelled over a paper maquette. Sue used pages from the novel Wolfe Hall and also found and recycled material. The result is a very strong material akin to wood, which is then given a smooth layer of paper to even it out and add detail.


Both figures seemed to belong with each other, to Sue they sum up her feelings on the pandemic when we were all just muddling through under the eye of authority which was doing the same.


Please note: this listing is for the ‘I mean no harm’ figure only.

Artist Bio

Sue Cathcart is a Belfast based self-taught practitioner, and would call herself a Folk or Outsider Artist. Her work is very colourful and ebullient with diverse and found materials combining with the written word to create pieces that tell or are the story. The object is the illustration of the story, it is up to the observer to work out what has happened.

Sue, who uses Papier Mache and the written words to tell her story, also goes by the name Mr Papers and makes humorous collages which are the starting point of many humourous conversations on social media.