‘Essence of Nature’


In this recent piece of work, Shauna was inspired by beetles and their importance in the natural world. Given that forty percent of all insects on earth are beetles, it’s no surprise that they assist in the pollination of a large number of crops. Leanne added to this piece enamelled, etched copper leaves to represent the depletion of our forests, which are a crucial means of food and shelter for the insect population.

It is up to each individual to refuse to accept this downward slope and to make a difference to our environment in any way they can.

Mediums: copper sheet, copper foil and vitreous enamel.

Artist Bio

Leanne McCormack  graduated in 2019 from Ulster University, Belfast School of Art with a BA ( First Class Honours) Jewellery and Silversmithing. Her work fuses traditional jewellery, silversmithing and enamelling techniques with a contemporary aesthetic.Leanne has enamelled work exhibited with the British Society of Enamellers and also internationally. She work mostly in the traditional craft of enamelling, in her own individual style, with the colours and delicacy of nature as her main inspiration. Each piece of Leanne’s work is unique and handmade with attention to detail.