‘Secret Garden’


Gail Kelly finds inspiration in nature: ‘Exploring gardens is one of my favourite pastimes, from visiting friends who have lovely gardens to the huge formal gardens at stately homes and National Trust properties. My own garden keeps me busy and I always notice the details in the patterns of the trees and plants as the seasons change throughout the year’.

‘Secret Garden’ was inspired by the wooden doors often seen in the walled gardens of old country residences where there would have been a team of gardeners on the staff. There is the anticipation of what will be found on the other side, whether it will be an array of glorious exotic blooms or a half wild paradise given over to bees and butterflies.

Artist Bio

Gail Kelly is a printmaker based in Co.Down who prints her linocuts and woodcuts on vintage Irish linen and uses these small pieces to create collages inspired by the countryside where she lives, along with beautiful landscapes and gorgeous gardens she has seen on her travels in Ireland and Britain.

Gail uses various weights and colours of linen, building up layers to set the scene. Every piece is hand stitched into position. She uses sewing and embroidery to highlight the patterns and details of the plants and flowers, and each of her pieces is unique.