‘One for Sorrow’


The ceramic panel, modelled by hand, explores magpies’ somewhat maligned personalities. This work is the first of a series of planned pieces investigating how humans view the birds while also recording their wonderful forms, actions and attitudes. ‘One for Sorrow’ records the arrogant stance of a bird confident in its own beautiful feathers while paying a nod to the old English tradition of saluting magpies to ward off bad luck. The gold ring held in its beak pays tribute to the widely held belief that birds are prone to larceny and seek out glittering prizes.

Artist Bio

Jakki Trainor draws inspiration from a love of nature and folklore, producing illustrative ceramics that depict both real and imagined flora and fauna.


Her passions for storytelling, folklore, pattern and impressed decoration are combined to build her trademark style along with her palette of shimmering green and blue glazes. Jakki aims to tell a story in every tile and panel, beginning with reality and then taking the viewer on a journey into their own imagination.​

Jakki spent three years studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Craft Design, Ceramics at the University of Ulster, Belfast and relished the opportunities it provided for working in both two and three dimensions, surface pattern, functionality, decoration, mark making and experimentation. Jakki’s current work reveals her ongoing love of pattern and colour, the influences of Art Nouveau, African art and stained glass that were researched in her university years, now coming back, and asking to be taken further.