‘Thoughts on swallows’


Describing the ‘Pathways’ connection in her body of work, Adele says: ‘Swallows arrive here from mid April, but ours, the ones that have nested for generations in the big shed, were always late. I would become impatient, anxious. Then, one day, there would be the bubbling song of the male on the wire over the yard.


This year, though, I wasn’t there to see him. While he was away in Africa, life spun me around and pointed me at another horizon. All my paths had changed. All, that is, except one, the path of my artistic practice. Do I follow it, or is it following me? At this stage it feels more like a travelling companion. 


“Traveller, the path is your tracks
And nothing more.
Traveller, there is no path
The path is made by walking.”

Antonio Machado 


Swallows are currently scribbling their invisible calligraphy across our summer skies. Soon they will turn south and write another line into the vast unseen history of what we call the East Atlantic Flyway. Our thoughts will turn to Autumn, theirs to another summer in another hemisphere.


The path is made by walking…….and flying



Paper, glue and wire; Height: 48cm; Width: 30cm; Depth: 24cm


Artist Bio

Adele studied fine art, painting at Winchester School of Art where she dismayed her tutors by insisting on painting wildlife. The inspiration for all her work is the natural world, specifically her ongoing practice of drawing from life. 

This careful observation informs Adele’s paper art creations, enabling Immediately recognisable species to be depicted through the use of simple shapes and colours. She always strives to conjure up an elegant solution to the problems that arise during each design creation.  Each design is a learning process that expands Adele’s self taught paper engineering skills, revealing new ideas and possibilities for the next.