‘Round pot with blue tabs and white ridges’


Describing how his work reflects the ‘Pathways’ theme, Adam Frew says: ‘I’m developing a new body of work that explores a relief element to the decoration of my larger pots.  My work is constantly evolving, particularly the decorative and mark making aspect.  This most recent area of experimentation has emerged from throwing individual coloured foot rings and rims that I then add to a pot.  However, in my new work I am throwing coloured rings and then chopping those up and adding them to the body of the piece.  I am striving for the overall surface to have a sense of movement that draws the eye across the piece.  What is particularly interesting about working with relief elements is how it interrupts and directs the flow of the glaze.  In essence these relief pieces create new ‘pathways’ for the glaze.’


Dimensions: 35x35cm.


Artist Bio

Adam Frew creates contemporary porcelain tableware and unique large expressive pots.  His work is characterised by his distinctive treatment of the surface, creating energetic marks; from lines and scribbles to splashes of colour.  


Having graduated from the University of Ulster in 2004 Adam undertook a 2 year apprenticeship with renowned London based potter Lisa Hammond.  He then established his business in 2006 and has been making and developing his own work since then.  He is based in Aghadowey, Co.Derry.