‘Glide 2’

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Describing her exhibition piece, Lauren Scott says that  it represents strength and fragility in nature. Birds symbolise an ability to transcend and move beyond mental barriers and limitations. Wings are suggestive of flight, escapism, liberty and emancipation. These attributes became poignant whilst she created the sculptures in lockdown. Working in her studio was reassuring and offered a ‘pathway’ to escape the weight of the pandemic. The work explores a new ‘pathway’ to depict coastal bird life; deconstructing the bird and focussing on individual ‘elements.’ 


‘I have been a practicing textile artist since graduating in 2012, producing commissions of local wildlife. The sculptures presented are a development of new research seeking alternative ‘pathways’ for my practice during my MFA Design study at the University of Ulster, 2020. Research was due to culminate in a public exhibition but was cancelled due to the pandemic. I opted to continue work from my home studio using whatever materials I had to hand. These new sculptures have not been publicly exhibited and have remained in my studio since completion.


Sculptures incorporate a variety of new experimental techniques including screen print on found feathers (collected from our NI coast,) laser cutting and heat bonding techniques. I study museum specimens for structure, how the wings flow and try to emulate these characteristics. Laboriously cutting, layering and stitching. Committed to traditional textile craft skills, I produce multiple ‘feathers’ and then hand stitch the elements to create sculptural forms. Materiality is at the core of my practice. Properties of textiles interests me; the challenge to produce 3D forms using material that is inherently fluid. I hope these elemental pieces are strong, muscular, moving forms reminiscent of pulsing flight.


Materials: Irish linen, cotton, silk, organza, screen printed found feathers collected at the coast, ostrich feathers, wire, thread, taxidermy pins. Dimensions: 62x55x8 cm. Price available upon request.

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Artist Bio

Lauren Scott is a freelance Fine Artist and Designer producing a range of textile sculptures. Scott has exhibited work for solo and group art exhibitions such as New DesignersLondon, RDS ‘Gifted’ and the ‘Knit and Stitch Show,’ Dublin and The Royal Ulster Academy Annual show,’ Ulster Museum. Scott represented the best of Northern Irish Craft with Craft NI at ‘Perspectives Unveiled,’ Craft Central, London. The artist has designed and developed a range of new work for ‘The National Trust Initiative NI’ and produced work for retail and galleries whilst creating sculptures for notable commissions. These include a biodiversity project for the University of Cambridge’s ‘Sedgewick Museumto educate children on extinct bird species and a large sculpture installation for the Grand National Bar, Belfast.


Scott freelance designs and creates art installations for the MAC, Belfast. Her artwork has been celebrated for skill in quality craft and design when she won the Craft in Business award (Craft Northern Ireland 2012,) The Sustainable Craft Award (Craft NI 2012) and the Lilla Speir award for embroidery (2012.) The artist has been recognized by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, gaining prolonged support with the Support for Individual Artists granton two occasions.  Scott was also awarded the Shruti Foundations Vedaaranya Artist Residency, Rajhasthan, 2017 in conjunction with the Arts Council of NI. During this time the artist produced a new body of work for exhibition whilst teaching textile art workshops to local school children.  Scott’s excellence in traditional craft skill was recognized when she won two RDS Craft Competition Awards in 2014 and 2011, an award in Textiles and The Irish Patchwork Society Award.’