‘Ring a ring o Roses’


Red Earth Designs’ exhibition piece is based on the old nursery rhyme Ring of Roses.  It is a pathway linking the past and present by depicting our favourite nursery rhyme in a playful yet slightly dark way using doll heads cast from a tiny tears doll. She was the makers’  favourite doll to play with while they were growing up and is a very iconic doll of their era. 


The circle/ring is a nod to the original meaning of the nursery rhyme depicting the black plaque, complete with the death mask and rat which points to death…the roses follow a circular path and close up as the circle goes round, the dolls eyes become closed as they fall backwards with each figure leaning more than the last until they fall down. 


The circle is a pathway through life, like the saying goes, ‘you’ve come full circle’. With this in mind,  Karen and Claire used an old whiskey barrel lid for the base. Interestingly this piece reflects pathways back to our past and again to the future, directly relating to the covid pandemic we have all just endured. 


The makers chose this particular nursery rhyme because of the relevance to today’s situation and the fear that the next pandemic could be much worse. A pathway which will be revealed….   


The heads are cast in porcelain and are seamlessly attached to a hand built base, which has hand stamped text filled with colour. Handmade and stoneware glazed porcelain flowers are attached to each doll.   The dolls are available to purchase individually as well – please contact the gallery for more details.


Artist Bio

Red Earth Designs are identical twins who love to make art with clay, they have been in business for 22 years since both completing their Masters in Ceramics. Karen and Claire produce beautiful porcelain pieces with stoneware glazes, which are adorned with their own illustrations and a touch of precious gold lustre.

The works are inspired by their love of nature, architecture, memorabilia and experiences of travelling to unusual places such as Chernobyl.  Much of their work is very delicate and refined, but often has a dark twist of the macabre or creepy, this is often contrasted by the sense of humour they bring to their work.