By Elizabeth Johnston


Working from my improvised kitchen studio during 2020 I started creating and experimenting with new materials that were easy to source during the lockdown.


Using recycled paper and seaweed I started making sculptures and papier mache pots that told some of the narratives of the unusual year. Normally my work is cast in bronze, so it is created with that in mind. Unable to visit my usual foundry but needing to express my experiences in the sculptural physicality of built forms I developed a body of work using a mix of paper pulp, strip papier mache and collage. This sculpture ‘Spring?’ was created in response to the burgeoning hope that the worst of the year was behind us and that if we were careful, new steps could tentatively lead us to a renewed world, a fresh spring.


Materials: paper pulp. Measurements: 42 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm


Artist Bio

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Elizabeth Johnston grew up in Singapore and moved to her parents’ home Northern Ireland in the late 1960’s. After secondary school in Belfast and art college in the UK Elizabeth travelled back to Asia. She spent thirty years in Thailand working as an artist, bronze sculptor and teacher. Since 2012 she has spent more time in the UK and Northern Ireland, and moved back to Northern Ireland in 2017.