‘The Swell’


By Ruth Osborne


‘The proximity of the ocean and the sea undeniably makes the Island of Ireland a special and unique place; floating, as we are, between the Atlantic Ocean to the North and West, the Irish Sea to the East and the Celtic Sea to the South. The channels, salt-water loughs and inlets extending the magic of the sea into our landscape. Open water and the sea are central to many myths and legends in our Celtic heritage. The rootedness of our connection to the water is centuries old. The restorative power of the sea is well documented and has been renewed during the recent pandemic, as evidenced by the rise of wild and open water swimming. Many sought solace in power of the sea. The vastness of the open water, the freedom it represented, soothed our minds and bodies and provided an opportunity to renew our connection with nature. ‘The Swell’ is inspired by the rediscovery, the renewing, of our relationship with the restorative power of the sea. The piece presents an abstracted impression of the swirling tides as they ebb and flow at the shore’s edge. Bringing with them seaweeds and shells to lay upon the rocky shore awaiting to be collected as mementos by visiting swimmers or drawn back into the sea with the swelling tide.’


Materials:   Measurements: 49×32 cm Unframed


Artist Bio

Ruth Osborne is an artist based in rural County Down where she works from her home studio by the shores of Strangford Lough. Her creative practice has developed through many routes and combines her background in Art History, printmaking practice, interest in folklore and the textiles heritage, in particular the story of Linen, in Ireland. Ruth works primarily on locally sourced Irish Linen and creates unique works combining a range of printmaking techniques and hand-embellished painterly elements. Ruth is inspired by the local landscape and flora, the changing seasons, Irish Folklore and Celtic heritage. Her work is unique, delicate and instilled with a sense of peace and place. It aims to connect you with nature and to bring the outside in.