‘Anticipation – a garden of thoughts and dreams’


By Gail Kelly


‘I print my linocuts individually on small pieces of linen and sew them together by hand. I use embroidery to enhance elements and highlight details in the design. This wall hanging was made by printing the trees one by one and stitching them in place to make the background. All the seed shapes are taken from plants in my garden. I sewed each one by hand, emphasising their structure and form. I find gardening is a good way to clear my mind while I focus on the task in hand. Gardening is also a time to think about other things and plan ahead. I pay attention to the details of plants, their leaves, flowers and seed heads, as well as taking note of broader swathes of colour and pattern. Regardless of what is going on in the world outside my garden, the yearly seasonal activities continue within it.’


Materials: linen, ink, thread. Measurements: 21 x 26 inches.


Artist Bio

Gail Kelly works with linocut, wood cut and lithography,  and she is inspired by the countryside where she lives along with gorgeous gardens and beautiful landscapes she sees on my travels in Ireland and Britain. She makes hand stitched collages of her linocuts and woodcuts printed on Irish linen.  Each small piece of linen is printed individually, and the finished collages are unique, one off pieces.

Gail has a BA Hons from the Ulster College of Art and Design and a MFA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.