‘Thread of Thought’

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By Ciara Quinn


‘Thread of Thought’ is a creative response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a tablecloth, I explored the emotions of ‘creating around the table’ during lockdown. Each square inspires the development of another and invites the observer to form their own interpretation. I wanted to create a piece that is an exploration of personal feeling but from the viewer’s perspective this can be subjective. My work is inspired by the principles of design with scale and colour being major contributing factors. Creating layers and using the mindful process of selecting colour combinations. In planning my piece, I was determined to source fabric which I could reuse, I found that using an antique linen tablecloth represented the values I wanted to express whilst taking a sustainable approach and giving life to new piece during the pandemic. My work process allows me to slow down and to consider a way of being. Renewing perspectives, it lets my mind wander from the universe, which for me is a means of self-care. This escapism allows me to take a personal approach while balancing the methodical thinking required to ensure deliberate quality. The ability to control a line, and the application of deliberate, small movements are vital in my work. As is the complementation of colours and the intricacy between one line and the next. This results in the work giving a hypnotic rhythm with meandering lines. Some might say my work resembles things on the macroscale such as images of outer space or the birds-eye-view of a river. On the other hand, others may see similarities on the microscale like the structure of cells.


Materials: Linen Tablecloth, Embroidery Threads, Beads.  Measurements: 6ft x 6ft.

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Artist Bio

Ciara Quinn is a quietly enthusiastic Textile Artist from Armagh who recently graduated in Textile Design, Art & Fashion at Belfast School of Art. She describes her work as intricate yet simple, precise but with a bit of chaos thrown in, that needs to be digested up close, but also at a distance. Her work is inspired by the principles of design, creating layers and using the mindful process of selecting colour combinations.