‘Someday I Will be Somebody’


Describing how his body of work reflects the theme ‘Pathways’, Neil Marlow says: ‘At the beginning of my creative journey there was a song released called ‘Someday I’ by Wendy and Lisa (1989). There’s a line in it that goes, ‘Someday I will be somebody’, and full of youthful optimism it resonated with me.


This ring is a reflection on the journey that followed and considers how things turned out all these many years later. The ring form was developed out of a font pattern from the line Someday I will be somebody. I used a method of typographic abstraction similar to that used by the Japanese outsider artist Takanori Herai. He would hide the words in his handwritten diary by turning each page into a wonderful unique abstract pattern, colouring in the shapes created by the letters, according to his own rules. The outcome of my process was also a pleasing pattern. I took a piece from the pattern and made what I imagined to be a fragment of signage, part of a larger sign that once joyously and confidently announcing my hopes. The fragmentation suggests the journey may not have gone to plan, but still a part of the original glorious ambition remains intact.


Mediums: Ebony, sterling silver, brass, shakudo; dimensions: Ring size (UK): P; Face dimensions – 21mm x 39mm at the widest point.


Artist Bio

Neil has a Master’s in Urban Design and was working in London when in 2010 his sister had an accident that changed things. A year later, he’d left the office job and was making jewellery under the pseudonym Nilplug.

Neil was born in Luton in 1972 and moved to Caledon in 2020. He’s a part-time maker, combining metals, woods and clay in characterful works which explore the expressive qualities of these materials to help challenge what we perceive to be precious.

 His early work was featured in Wallpaper Magazine in 2012, and he was subsequently selected to exhibit at International Jewellery London as one of four Bright Young Gems – Jewellery stars of the future. He was supported by the Craft Councils Hothouse Maker Development Programme in 2014 and invited to show at London Collection: Men by The British Fashion Council.