This grouping explores heritage and ancestry through sentimental materials. ‘Sole’ is the beginning of a new collection, a series of responsive works based on the deconstructed components of my grandfather’s shoe, re-newing its purpose and extending its lifespan. In 2019 I rescued a pair of brown leather brogues from a bin bag during a family house clearance. I soon learned that the shoes belonged to my late grandfather, who passed in 1999. I was able to trace the shop which they were purchased, in Bessbrook, County Armagh. I discovered that they were worn whilst showing ponies in-hand during the 1970’s. I kept one shoe in the condition it was found and dismantled the second one to record visually. I wanted to find a way to hold on to sentimental objects whilst also re-newing them. ‘Sole’ is made up of 5 sculptures, alongside the one shoe in its original state.


Pieces are sold individually (please note 3 are not for sale) and price ranges from £50 – £65.  Please enquire at info@craftnigallery.org for more details.


Materials: Leather, thread, yarn, beeswax, nail, metal, shoelace, buckle, wood.


Artist Bio

By Sarah Cathers


Sarah Cathers is a mixed media artist based in Co. Down – a collector of oddities with an urge to document and preserve the forgotten. Fascinated by adhesives and their ability to secure and fasten materials together, she focuses on the binding capabilities of thread, using fibres to conceal and repair. She aims to preserve an object’s history, acknowledging the past while recognising the potential to be something other than the original purpose. Sarah collects discarded objects, mending and combining materials to assemble small sculptures, creating a tangible record. She curates objects of curiosity in ‘families’ based on an instinctive response or relationship between materials.