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Describing the ‘Pathways’ connection to her body of work, Fiona says: ‘I have made this brooch for myself. Very gradually, over a period of about 5 years I found myself in a state of very poor mental health. I was lost in thoughts of the far past and consumed by fears of the far future. Along the way I had let go of many of the coping strategies that most of us unknowingly creating to help us get through life.


With much needed help from a mental health therapist, I worked hard, really hard, to change my life, to change my own thoughts and behaviour patterns, my own neural pathways, breaking, letting go of the unhelpful and negative. Creating new habits and new thoughts as well as re-attaching to the more positive aspects of my previous self.


I now feel fully re-attached, to my life, to the people in my life and to this moment in time. I have made this brooch for myself; it embodies the hard work I put in during therapy to come back to myself and as a reminder to stay attached. ‘


Materials: silver and 22ct yellow gold brooch. Dimensions: 70mm diameter

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Artist Bio

Now based in Co. Fermanagh, jeweller Fiona Kerr studied at Buckinghamshire University College in High Wycombe, then moved to Northern Ireland. Her first collection came out in 2002, and since then Fiona aims to create classic, elegant jewellery with a modern twist – jewellery to be loved and cherished and above all, worn.

Her early appreciation of the natural world shines through in all her collections, which are hand made in her small stone built workshop. Describing her work process, Fiona says: ‘I love working with precious metals at the jeweller’s bench, combining contrasting textures with the polished lustres of gold and silver, adorning with shimmering precious and semi-precious gemstones, the process of creation is an endless fascination for me.’