‘Home from Home’


This body of work is for Pennie Metcalfe a representation of a Moorland Pathway: an evocative landscape and habitat, isolating in nature. Their bleak vastness of rich colours, textures, and ancient horizons, silhouetted with sheep and ancient stone, become a personal doorway to memories and a sense of real belonging. 


Walking through nature connects and ‘grounds’ us. For this reason, walking has long been a part of the tradition of religious observance and pilgrimage. Each separate walk is a specific experience, a personal journey varied by its choice of pathway from beginning to end. Conversely each individual walk also has commonality and can be reminiscent of previous walks on other occasions, with other people or in other areas.


The Weather, the fauna, the flora, the terrain, the time of day and season, Pennie’s emotions and physical well-being, her level of sensory alertness and whether it be a solitary or an accompanied walk ….., all of these things play a part in her connection with the landscape. Each contributes to the pathway that she follows both literally and metaphorically towards a window of further self-discovery and creative opportunity.


Hand Felted Fibre Sculpture, 2023.  Dimensions:  58cmx42cmx26cm;                                                                                                                                                                                                     Materials: Jurassic limestone, iron, wool, yarn


Artist Bio

Pennie Metcalfe was born in Haworth, (Bronte Country) in the heart of Yorkshire. She comes from a multidisciplinary background of Fashion/Textiles, Ceramics, and Fine Art. After graduating she worked as a Ceramics Tutor and Technician at Harrogate College in North Yorkshire. Before moving into Mental Health with the NHS where she led community art projects at the Briary Hospital in Harrogate and Peppermill Court in York. She has exhibited in Derbyshire and Yorkshire. 

Pennie relocated in 2022 and now lives and works full-time as an artist in Co Antrim, where she specialises in Fibre Art & Textiles. She works predominantly with wool, silk, flax and ‘found’ objects collected from her daily walks, to create 2D and 3D mix-media textiles. The foundation of her process comes from artisan traditions: felting, shibori, decorative surface stitching, embroidery, weaving/tapestry, fabric manipulation and assemblage.