‘Hare’ Triptych


By Jakki Trainor


‘The image of the three hares has been widely used across the world with a diverse variety of interpretations. Visually the three hares form a never ending puzzle as they leap in circular fashion interlinked by their shared ears.


I was intrigued by the striking silhouette of their bounding forms, the folklore surrounding hares and their links to fertility. Here they represent an enduring sense of cyclical renewal, the never ending visual of their combined forms like the turning hands of a clock, and the continuous flow of life.’


Materials: ceramic.  Measurements: 40cm x 40cm.


Artist Bio

County Down based ceramicist Jakki Trainor established her practice Figment Ceramics in 2016. Her work draws inspiration from Jakki’s love of nature and folklore producing illustrative ceramics that depict both real and imagined flora and fauna.

Pattern and impressed decoration are an intrinsic part of Jakki’s trademark style along with her palette of shimmering green and blue glazes. Jakki aims to tell a story in every tile and panel, taking the viewer on a journey into their own imagination.