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‘Extinguished’, Tamzen Lundy’s exhibition piece, represents the number of children, minors and young people that were killed during “The Troubles”. Innocent lives  quickly extinguished. 


Each life is represented by a lit match, burned bright but short. The ground fabric is wet felted 100% wool, representing the earth and land. Then all is encased between this wool and a shroud of lightweight silk chiffon, representing the ethereal, precious and fragile life and beyond.


The matches are connected by a red linen thread, each knotted and linked together. “The red thread that connects” is an Eastern concept of connectedness,  pathway or destiny. 


The piece is 85cm x 85cm Framed; Materials: wool, silk chiffon, linen and wooden matchsticks.


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Artist Bio

Tamzen Lundy is a textile professional of 25+years’ experience. She has worked on all sides of fashion retail, design and manufacturing. Since 2020 she has focused her time on her own arts practice, describing herself as a felt maker and textile artist.

Felt making is the oldest textile making process in the world. It uses 100% wool (and sometimes other natural fibres), soap and water plus rubbing, rolling by hand to make a  fabric that is strong and long lasting. The processes are sustainable, and the product is biodegradable. 

Tamzen’s work is playful and experimental. She is inspired by stories and the Irish landscape. Born in Belfast in the late 70’s, she works from her home in Maynooth, Co. Kildare.