Erne Collection II


Karen Hamilton’s body of work, Erne Collection II is comprised of five woven pieces made using a monofilament warp and mercerised cotton and lurex weft threads. Woven on a Le Clerc Weavebird twenty-four shaft computerised loom, it is an exploration of light, beauty and decay. 

Inspired by a tiny fish washed up on the edge of Lower Lough Erne, at a time when Karen was navigating her own path of grief and loss, the weaving seeks to reflect the beauty and perfection that can exist beyond death.

Though the location was familiar, Karen returned again and again seeking to capture an essence of the place and translate it into the weaving. She sought to incorporate not only the luminous colours and perfect details of the fish in death but also the light and hope in the surroundings as the seasons changed and time passed.

The monofilament warp echoes both the light and transparency of the surrounding water. Mercerised cotton provides a beautiful sheen replicating the pearlescence and colours of the fish and reflects the natural environment. The use of lurex threads adds an extra element of illumination to catch the light.

A honeycomb weave structure provided scope for exploration of the form and pattern that was evident on the surface of the fish. Working within set parameters she varied the patterns experimenting with shape and colour to produce five different but connected pieces.

The collection is also a reflection of Karen’s own journey and the path upon which she has found herself after leaving a career in Government and embarking on the Textile Design, Art and Fashion Degree at Ulster University. 


Title: Erne Collection II (5 pieces):

“The Rocks” Monofilament Powder blue/Silver/Gold mercerised cotton – 10.5”x 24”- £200

“Oh the Water” – Monofilament Silver/Blue mercerised cotton Silver thread – 10.5” x 24”- £200

“Rushes” – Monofilament Silver/Gold/Blue mercerised cotton – 10.5” x 24” – £200

“Ode to Fish” – Monofilament Gold/Damson/Warm Gold mercerised cotton – 10” x 20” – £185

“Light” – Monofilament Blue/Powder blue mercerised cotton Brown/Blue lurex thread – 10” x 20” – £185

Total price for Collection: £970