‘Cherry Blossom’


By Andrea Hayes


‘The Cherry Blossom, a symbolic flower of Spring encompassing a time and a promise of renewal, reminding us of the beautiful and fleeting nature of life. Capturing a sense of these delicate flowers which flourish despite what the elements of the weather bring upon them has inspired this piece of work. I am fascinated with the everchanging movement and rhythm that lies within nature. The shifting patterns of light highlighting intense patches of colour and texture. My working process is best described as a collage with contrasting elements of paint, fabric, material and thread. The piece evolves with multiple layers of markmaking from these various mediums. The aluminium canvas is sanded and areas are etched revealing the shimmering quality of the metal. Ink, hand dyed, hand stitched waxed fabrics, are layered on creating an abundance of texture and colour.’


Materials: silk, chiffons, wax, thread, inks on aluminium base. Measurements: 67 x 67 x 3.5cm (final framed size)


Artist Bio

Andrea is a textile artist and an arts graduate from NCAD Dublin, where she specialised in Embroidered Textiles.

Based in  Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, she creates her artwork from her home studio alongside being a part time Tutor with SWC where she teach Arts & Crafts within the community. Andrea thoroughly enjoys guiding and helping others in creative projects/workshops and classes and she regularly facilitates workshops for adults and children in art centres/community groups and school settings. Over the years she has developed a distinctive style in her artwork where I combine her love of painting, fabric, metal and stitch. She is inspired by the natural landscape around her and she loves nothing more than interpreting our beautiful and dramatic mountains, landscapes and coastlines of the Irish landscape.