‘Blue Dribble’


By Rachel Leary


This piece entitled ‘Blue Dribble’ is a new and more ambitious version of my current collection of ‘Dribble’ homewares. The artwork is made by slip casting and altering porcelain clay, and then attaching small open ‘pockets’ for the Egyptian Faience to be injected into. During the firing process this faience (a mixture of glass and clay) will soften, move and even drip out of these pockets, creating an natural and unique result. My ‘Dribble’ collection is inspired by a particular family of fungi that oozes a sticky substance from its pores when it is young. I find fungi particularly fascinating because of its ability to re-new, spread and multiply in many different shapes and sizes. The process and material I have used to create this piece depicts the potential for fungi take over and smother, and highlights the oddity of this particular species by allowing the material to naturally form its own outcome.


Materials: Porcelain, Egyptian Faience.  Measurements: H14cm x W12.5cm x D12.5cm.


Artist Bio

Rachel Leary is an award winning Ceramic Maker from Omagh, Northern Ireland. After completing a degree in Contemporary Applied Arts at Belfast School of Art (2014), Rachel advanced to complete her Master’s in Ceramics at Cardiff School of Art (2015). Since this time Rachel has participated in two international residencies at esteemed ceramic centres; Project Network at the Guldagergaard Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark (2015), and the OOD Collective Residency at Medalta’s Centre for Contemporary Art in Canada, (2017). Both residencies allowed Rachel to experiment and develop her ceramic art further, exploring new areas of making and provided opportunities to learn from other respected artists and to exhibit her work internationally. Rachel has been awarded funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland on several occasions, and also has a piece of sculpture titled ‘A Material Experience’ in their permanent collection.

Rachel has been developing her ceramic practice since 2015 at her home studio in the countryside where the natural surroundings are what directly influence her work.  Rachel primarily uses the slip-casting method to create her porcelain functional wares and sculpture, and has developed several collections which include different aspects of natural influence.