‘A Prelude to Fleeting’


The seven yellow ceramic paper planes which Patrick Colhoun’s submitted as part of this exhibition were inspired by his desire to celebrate the lives of his mother and father, who lived 52 and 76 years respectively, 128 years combined.

Patrick chose paper planes as they are one of the first toys you learn to make as a child. For him they represent childhood, growing up and flying away, fragile and fleeting, eventually destroyed. They are fragile, they are delicate, they are fleeting.

The planes are stacked to show life starting small, growing bigger in middle age and then small again in older age. Stacked like height markings on a wall as you are growing as a child.  A celebration of life, however fleeting.

 In September 2023, 128 miniature ceramic Paper Planes will be exhibited in Corugat Gallery, San Francisco in an exhibition named ‘Fleeting’. Each plane the size of a folded business card, the size used on funeral flowers. 52 red planes and 76 blue planes.

Please note, the individual planes are priced individually as follows: large Plane (380d x 220w x 80h) £125.00; medium Plane (260d x 160w x 45h) £75.00; small Plane (190d x 100w x 35h) £55.00. Sold as a set £495.00

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