‘Volcano Rings’


In making these rings, Mária Roskó was inspired by landscapes; however, they evoke different feelings in each person and it serves as evidence that how we perceive the world is based on our previous unique experiences, assumptions. Available in either brass or bronze.

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Mária Roskó (Hungary)’s objects range from jewellery that can be worn everyday to pieces that are almost installation-like. The most important feature of her jewellery is not its decorative function, but the stories it conveys, often embedded in historical, philosophical or social topics. She is interested in the intersection of traditional culture and the modern world. In jewellery making, her theoretical and her artisanal nature meet, and these two approaches are parallel and complementary in the process of creation. Mária’s objects are mostly content-based and often connected to the body in a different way than usual, encouraging the wearer to transcend the rules set by jewellery and to find alternative ways of wearing or using it. 


Mária Roskó studied jewelry making in Japan in Atelier Komiya, in Germany at HAWK Hildesheim and in Hungary at Art School of Buda. She participated at various exhibitions in Japan, Hongkong and Europe. Her jewelry goes beyond the traditional approach of the genre and her hybrid objects often carry social and cultural references. The theoretical aspects of her objects and her poetic vision is supported by her background in human sciences. In 2019 she won the Athens Jewelry Week Award at the Art Jewelry Night of Budapest.


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Brass, Bronze

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