‘Be Good and Play’


Alena Štukavcová Doležalová’s exhibition piece, the ‘Be Good and Play’ ring, is a game. The principle is that you need to get the small metal ball from the upper amber bowl to the lower one. It is an extravagant piece of jewellery – a tool for practicing attention and patience. We all need to laugh!
The ring is made of forged sterling silver wire, deep etched bronze and hand carved amber. Amber bowls are fixed in a silver bed, and through the middle of them passes a silver tube through which the balls fall.

Artist Bio

Alena Štukavcová Doležalová’s work is mainly based on traditional jewellery techniques such as repoussé, etching, niello, glyptic and wood carving, to which she gives a modern form. Alena likes to engage with natural or industrial themes, and to work with raw stones. She initially studied illustration and puppet design, and she constantly draws inspiration from these fields. She also creates sculptures, objects, and small useful art objects.