‘Pieces of 48’


‘Pieces of 48′ is part of a collective body of work entitled FORM, relating to memories of the street where Céline grew up and that shaped who she is. 48 was the door number of her house in Canal Street, Newry, Co.Down and the number still resonates with her. The component parts of the brooch are separate pieces of jewellery (a pendant, a ball chain and 2 rings) and when each is slotted into the right compartment within the brooch they form the number 48. The overall brooch is shaped like a window, a reference to peering into the past.
Materials: silver, 9ct gold, clear Perspex. Processes: piercing, soldering, polishing, matt finishing.

Artist Bio

Describing her practice, Céline Traynor says: “Thoroughly contemporary in style, my jewellery designs in silver and gold, polished and matt finish, reflect my love of pure shape and form appealing to those with a minimalist aesthetic. Although my jewellery might look abstract, the inspiration is down to earth.
Taking a studied, almost mathematical approach, I reduce forms to a balanced, geometric shape. The finished result is simple jewellery with a highly individual appearance. A favoured way of working is to design a link that lends itself to necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks. rings and brooches. I love solving the problems of how to connect, link, pin, hang. I enjoy working with a client to design a piece from conception to finish.”

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