‘The Divided Compromise’


Describing her body f work for the ‘Pathways’ exhibition, Shauna says:


‘My work has developed recently using borderlines and the heavy introduction of black crank clay. The borderlines used in this piece are the borderlines of the Northern Irish land border and the Irish Sea water border. The pieces evolve from the abstracted lines and organically extend out into their own form. The inside of the black clay borderlines has additions of porcelain paperclay added to create large textural rough areas, like sharp wounds. Although a cactus can cut and can be dangerous it is also beautiful and can flower on occasion. A metaphor for Northern Ireland, a special place with special people even with its issues. A divided compromise to say the least. 


Within my own journey and path with this work I have used techniques developed over many years and am actively pursuing intricate interesting looking structures. My acceptance that sometimes the kiln can alter and warp my creations can be stressful and a frustration. Often, I must let go of the control and allow my work to evolve in its own way. A divided compromise to say the least again. However, it only makes me more determined to master my techniques and continue the path and passion of creating in clay.’


Dimensions:  46cm x 19cm x 17cm; materials : black clay and paperclay porcelain


Artist Bio

Shauna McCann is a ceramicist based in rural Co. Tyrone. Her ceramic work is predominantly unique porcelain imagery and ceramic sculpture; however, she also dips in and out of many ceramic processes from throwing to alternative firing techniques. Her pursuit of clay has spanned over 20 years.

‘I feel a great connection to working with a piece of the earth and by how the use of the other elements air, water and fire can transform a piece clay into the most wonderful creations.’

Born in Canada, Shauna moved to Northern Ireland in the 1990’s as a teenager. Shauna was awarded with a BA(hons) Degree in Design Crafts, Cumbria College of Art & Design in 2000.  Shauna has exhibited her work in many exhibitions since 2005 and has had several solo and group exhibitions. Some of her award-winning work also resides in collections in Lisburn and Germany.