‘Patterns of Shadows’


Describing her exhibition piece, Maya Todd says: ‘We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and darkness, that one thing against another creates” – Junichiro Tanizaki (In Praise of Shadows, 1933).


My sculptural wall hanging, entitled ‘Patterns of Shadows’ is largely inspired by Tanizaki’s writing on the Japanese concept of ‘Ma’ (negative space). My knitted structures explore the relationship between form, material, process, movement and light. They feature patterns and motifs, inspired by origami that enable the knit to self-fold and become 3-dimensional.


Sunlight, an ever changing entity, highlights these patterns and brings them to life as constantly changing shadows cross the sculptural surfaces. I worked entirely with Irish wool from Co Galway, encouraging this unique material to ‘speak’ by showcasing it’s inherent qualities.


My practice is research led, developing new methodologies and processes to create 3- dimensional surfaces. This is achieved by experimenting with fibres and self-developed technical processes. This sculptural wall hanging emphasise the importance of space, positive absences and of course, “patterns of shadows”.


Dimensions: 180cm x 60cm x 8cm, Irish báinín wool and recycled plastic tubing.


Artist Bio

Maya Todd is a Bangor based artist and researcher working primarily with knitted and constructed textiles, also a current member of The Textile Society, Knitting History Forum and FibreShed Ireland. Maya holds a BA Hons from the University of Ulster in Textile Art, Design and Fashion.