‘Mindspace’ Bangle

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‘Mindspace’ looks at choices, how they’re connected and how they can manifest as shapes. Working from a single length of wire, Gerhard’s pieces explore the parallels between the continuous single line and the lineage of choices that we make in our lives. Mirroring our own life experiences, the single line form creates outcomes from choices that are all chronological and connected. Moving and flowing from one choice to the next, his forms exist as a metaphor for the series of interconnected choices and outcomes that shape our individual experiences.
Please note, Gerhard is taking part in this exhibition digitally only.
Materials: copper wire, forged, oxidized, gold plated.
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Artist Bio

Gerhard Herbst (Australia)’s work is interested in exploring the possibilities of translating contemporary sculptural forms into the jewellery medium. Jewellery by its very nature is encumbered with many technical limitations, including size, weight, functionally, to name a few. Sculpture, on the other hand, has few such requirements. His challenge is to create interesting and provocative forms that function well as a piece of jewellery, while still retaining the original sculptural qualities that inspire his work.


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