For this exhibition, Adele Pound found inspiration in insects, something that became an interest for her during the Covid lockdowns. Unable to make her usual field trips, Adele turned to the wildlife in the garden. Making paper insects and an interest in artist books has developed through working on “Catalan Butterflies”, a collaboration with poet Laurence O’Dwyer.

A chance encounter with a queen wasp making a start on building a nest on her mother-in-law’s net curtains sparked the idea that the very first paper makers were wasps. The queen wasp, unfortunately, had to be evicted but the ideas she set in motion stayed.

Dimensions: 35cm x 20cm x 22cm; Mediums: paper and glue.


Artist Bio

Adele Pound studied fine art, painting at Winchester School of Art where she dismayed her tutors by insisting on painting wildlife. The inspiration for all her work is the natural world. Central to this is her ongoing practice of drawing from life. Whether making field trips to Strangford Lough to draw wintering birds through a telescope or clipping magnifiers to her glasses to study insects in her garden, she still insists on drawing wildlife.


It is this careful study, observation and research that enables Adele to design her paper art creations. Immediately recognisable species are depicted through the use of simple shapes and colours. She always strives to conjure up an elegant solution to the problems that arise during each design creation. Each design is a learning process that expands Adele’s self taught paper engineering skills, and reveals new ideas and possibilities for the next design.


The themes of Adele’s practice are wildlife and storytelling. She is always looking for new and fun ways to tell people about wildlife.