‘The Wish Collector’


Describing the body of work she has made for this exhibition, Jayne says: ‘I often wondered where wishes landed when they were granted and worried if they had a pleasant landing? This is when I decided I would make a wish collector complete with two sided slide. One side has a bright beaten copper bowl to land in and the other end is left up to the owner. I hope the wish has a fun landing on its way to you.

Sometimes I like to make work that embraces the silly and frivolous as antidote to darkness and sadness that can overwhelm the world. I find that laughter doesn’t change anything but it helps me deal with the same problems in a better way.’

Mediums and dimensions: horn is 64cm, silver wired blackthorn is 37cm, copper bowl 15cm diameter, moss plug 11cm; horn is made from paper.


Artist Bio

Jayne Cherry is an artist living and working in the countryside of Co.Down. Having been born into a large family on an organic farm in Northern Ireland, she has been brought up with a deep respect for the ground we walk on and all who breath upon it. Farming without chemicals, rearing animals without medicine and holistic practises were learnt from an early age. Close observation of nature, weather, skilled animal husbandry care and exposure to death and sadness lead her too wanting to have a deeper understanding of these subjects.


A career in nursing and progressing into making art work that stems from that was very natural; working closely with and acceptance of pain, degeneration and death explains her penchant for spiky, uncomfortable and difficult subjects which can confront us all at some stage. Automatic drawing and painting, textile investigation with natural elements and performance allow exchanges that result in touchable elements. These are then ‘stitched together’ too precipitate an outcome using skills which are old and new. Performance actions keep Jayne attached to the realness of her existence by helping her to open closed areas to expose raw, tender experiences that inform her sculptural and text work.

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