‘Bling Baby’


For this exhibition, Susan McKeever was inspired by the ‘Child of Prague’ statuettes, the small religious figurines found in so many Irish homes, depicting a Jesus-as-a-child dressed in medieval winter robes, and all the superstitions that surround him. 

This cherubic tot with a ruff, lace cuffs, and a big golden hat stands on a plinth, his left hand holds a cross and orb, his right hand raised in a gesture of benediction or as Susan like to imagine, the global hippy peace sign. Here in Ireland all sorts of silly superstitions surround him: he is luckier if his head has broken off and been glued back on, but it must be an accidental break, and not done deliberately.   Put him in the garden before a wedding for good weather on the big day – or on the steps of the church, or under a bush, or buried up to his neck in the flowerbed! 


The very first Child of Prague statue was a 16th century wax covered wood carving which originated in Spain which is now on display in a catholic church in Prague, where it is said to have performed miracles.  

Dimensions:  20 x 15cm; collage and acrylic on canvas. 


Artist Bio

Susan McKeever is a Belfast based artist and art facilitator who paints and also makes paper collages featuring quirky figures and faces. When she makes paper collages they tend to be quirky figures and faces. Glossy magazines are her preferred material because of the abundance of bright colour, but also from a recycling point of view, she is happy to be remaking and reusing old magazine pages. Susan has exhibited her work in Ireland and internationally. 

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