‘Kore 3’


There is much reminiscent of Archeology, Geology and natural and manmade structures in Anne Butler’s work. Through casting, layering, constructing and excavating, she explore the associations between individual and cultural memory and the relationship between material, process and the passage of time.


Fractures are allowed to develop during the drying process and  are subsequently opened and fused through multiple firings. Cavities and pathways are created which are reminiscent of naturally occurring marble fissures and veins.


These sculptures evidence their own material history and invite the viewer to journey between the past, present and future. 


13 x13cm, 9 x 9cm, 6 x 6cm;  2022; Parian porcelain cubes with blue porcelain seams.


Artist Bio

Anne Butler trained in Ceramics in the University of Ulster and the University of Wales in Cardiff and now works from her studio in Northern Ireland. Her work has been widely exhibited in the UK and abroad and is held in national and international collections.

She works primarily with parian porcelain. Parian has a satin, marble-like quality when solid and a delicacy and translucency when thin. These material qualities, as well as a wide palette of techniques are continuously challenged in her work, in order to explore relationships between process, material and time.