‘Hace mucho tiempo’


For this exhibition, Ana Nadjar made poetic toys that  talk about her current concerns. The ‘Hace mucho tiempo’ necklace was inspired by the lyrics of a famous Chilean song by “Los Jaivas”: “I have been wondering for a long time/ why the earth is so round and just the one/ if we all live separately/ what are the land and the sea for?/ what’s the sun that warms us for?/ if we won’t even look at each other…”Ana feels the message is still valid despite the song being 50 years old, and with this necklace she tries to reflect the environmental crisis and the inability to find common ground to achieve solutions.


Materials: discarded materials, found and treasured objects, 50 silver, copper, aluminium, steel, plastic (toys)



Artist Bio

Ana Nadjar (Chile) is a maker of  “poetic toys”, which are portable objects that relate feelings that she has been harbouring over time. She tries to express emotions in a three-dimensional format and tell stories through her absurd pieces. With humour, she intends to reflect the reality that she perceives around her. Human beings try to appear rational, but being rational is an illusion? 


I work with discarded materials and objects that I find and save for the right moment. My idea is to mix, add and integrate objects and materials to tell stories and create something new, changing its primary meaning. I try to add and integrate, like my own family history and of my country, mixtures of cultures and migration.


The value we give to objects is relative and cultural, in my jewelry it is not in the material, I work joining insignificant objects such as discarded materials or trinkets that I collect, with the intention of changing their value when building a new object with an emotional objective, mixing materialities that are not usually associated.

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