‘Curious spoon’


For this exhibition, Carmen López combines two profane elements, an enamel reproduction of a lock and a spoon. The union between the two produces a medallion or jewel effect of religious evocation, a confusion that is cleared as soon as we look closely at it. Carmen has always been attracted to symbolic jewellery pieces, especially those that tell us about religious beliefs or superstitions. With this body of work, she wanted to take an unexpected turn and invoke a different emotion.
Locks are used to open or close doors, chests, perhaps secrets. Spoons help us to feed ourselves, to survive. The combination of the two objects, intertwined, suggest an iconic piece, an image that tells us about another possibility outside of its original uses.
Materials: Enamel, silver nickel and patinated silver.

Artist Bio

Describing her relationship with art, Carmen López (Spain) says: ‘My house smelled pencils, crayons, watercolours… My older brothers were my references and drawing and making artistic objects is what I have done all my life. As a teacher at the School of Art, I worked with the León Ortega Art Gallery, organising student exhibitions and trips to artistic destinations every year.’
Carmen’s current work is based on portable objects, jewels of a narrative and conceptual nature with which she makes small collections. She works with various materials depending on the narrative, but she always includes fire-enamelled pieces and represented spoons, the “leitmotif” of her work.

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