‘Beyond Unknown 5’


Cleopatra Cosulet’s body of work ‘Beyond the Unknown’ makes us question what we know. Will, wishes, curiosity and aspirations motivate us to build paths through possible but not always probable realities. Knowledge is acquired, stored, processed – it allows us to evolve. Questions are answered and new ones are emerging. How far can we get? Where are the limits? Are there any? Individuality and uniqueness influence each response and determine each action. The human touch changes the world through presumptions, assumptions and discoveries. The steps made towards tomorrow turn the unknown into known.
Materials: Resin, thermochromic pigment (changes the hue at over 31 C degrees), false eyelashes, steel wire, rubber.

Artist Bio

Cleopatra Cosulet (Romania) creates each of her pieces as a concrete expression of a fugitive thought and establishes an intimate connection with the wearer. Various techniques and materials are used to reach this goal: the naturalness of cotton, the suppleness of fabrics, the tremendous potential of recyclables, the apparent coldness of the metal and resin – they all are factors that trigger her creative process. Three-dimensionality is a fundamental element in the search process for the right formula to combine all these elements. The result, defined by shape and color, is only a milestone in Cleopatra’s personal search of self, and the identity of those around her.


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