Traditional Private Driving Collar

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Lucy Cushley’s Private Driving Collar is a Traditional Rye straw collar, made under the tutelage of Master Harness & Collar Maker John McDonald as part of QEST scholarship.


Dimensions: Driving Collar – (L) 69cm x (W) 43cm; materials: leather.


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Artist Bio

Lucy Cushley is a Collar, Harness & Saddle Maker based in Killinchy, Co. Down. After a lifetime of working with horses (and being accompanied by dogs) in 2016 Lucy traveled to Enfield, London, to study for two years at Capel Manor College, one of the last places to study saddlery full time.

Since returning to Co Down, Lucy has continued to develop her skills in saddlery and leatherwork, regularly traveling to Britain to undertake further qualifications and training from Masters. Her QEST support enabled her to expand her range of products and develop her skills in the endangered craft of horse collar making, helping to preserve it for future generations. Lucy was able to learn to make a cob-size collar with the vastly experienced John McDonald, then focus on heavy horse collars under the supervision of Chris Taylor (who also trained with John) at Saddler’s Den.

Lucy is now able to supply her customers with bespoke, luxury items of leatherwork and saddlery, for well loved or damaged items Lucy provides a repair/refurbishment service to give items a renewed lease of life.

The Driving Collar in this exhibition is a Traditional Rye straw collar made under the tutelage of Master Harness & Collar Maker John McDonald as part of LUcy’s QEST scholarship.

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