One-of-a-kind gold cufflinks


For the exhibition, Patrick Davison submitted a range of one-of-a-kind jewellery, made in silver and 18ct yellow gold. These 18ct yellow gold cufflinks were made using stamping. The design allows the qualities that are introduced to the metal during stamping, the hardness and brightness of the metal, to remain. The design then uses cold connections to assemble the work so these characteristics are not lost if soldering is used to put on fastenings or other components.


The cufflinks come in a unique wooden box, crafted by Patrick himself using a pantograph.

Dimensions: 28 x 25mm


Artist Bio

Patrick Davison is a gold and silversmith. With family ties in Northern Ireland he spent many of his childhood summers in Belfast. After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art and Alchimia jewellery school in Florence, he established his workshop in Kent, England. His work often explores new avenues for gold and silversmithing techniques. He incorporates a range of different metals and alloys, responding to the contrasts and patterns that this range can achieve.

Recently Patrick has been exploring the coining process and received a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust grant to study with Archivio Negroni in Milan. Patrick aims to explore the aesthetic and physical effects unique to this Process. It is a technique that applauds metals distinctive and sometimes paradoxical material qualities. The malleability of metal is exploited by the impression of microscopic detail, impossible by any other method. During the coining process, the metal is also hardened, resulting in a tough, durable metal that lends itself to jewellery and objects.

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