‘SLS Print and White Pearls Collar’


Collar by Anne Early Boylan, made in blue SLS print, nylon, white pearls, sterling silver.


Through the continual out-sourcing of manufacture Anne believes we have reached a point where, for the majority, there is no-longer a direct experience of materials and making. She would argue that this makes it easier to manipulate our perception of the made world. Things are either good or bad – however, life is never that simple. We can ignore the fact that we buy expensive running shoes in huge quantities and at the same time vilify the companies that produce the raw materials that make up their own DNA. 

MaterialsSLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering. It is an additive process with no waste in production. The metal: re-cycled white metal (Sterling Silver when hallmarked). Gems: semi-precious, responsibly sourced

Artist Bio

Anne Earls Boylan (Northern Ireland) discovered ‘the workshop’ during a Foundation course in the 1980’s. Since then, materials and processes have been at the centre of an exploration in bias and value within jewellery. This fascination encompasses the social and cultural tastes that drive the industry and can keep jewellery tethered to a restricted palate of gems and metals. 


Anne believes to adorn is to enhance, to make beautiful and importantly, be seen as an individual. And so, her works are limited runs and one-off pieces that combine the precious with non-precious, laser prints with hand processes. Each – a small statement to be worn, enhance the spirit and add to the rich experience of living.


Jewellery is a visual conversation, one that can deepen human connections: this role has never been more valuable than at present.


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