‘Rocking Rainbow’


Caitlin Murphy’s work is centred around high levels of accuracy and precision, folding and working with metal as if it is paper. Caitlin’s work begin during the pandemic and over time has transitioned from paper to precious. Caitlin challenges the boundaries of silversmithing and jewellery, making work that has a place on the wall as well as the table in an artistic and sculptural style. Woven precious and non-precious metals of 0.1mm are attached to steel and silver frames, coming to life as 3-dimensional objects with optical illusion patterns. Most recently, Caitlin has been working with Niobium alongside silver. Using the technique of anodising she can permanently change the colour of this material using electricity and voltage. Caitlin is experimenting with colour and how this evokes emotion through her work. Caitlin’s QEST support will allow her to focus on developing her skills in gold alloying, anodising and engraving whilst continuing to build her business through shows and commissions. The works presented in this exhibition are playful, interactive sculptures for your home.


‘Rocking Rainbow’ is designed to spark joy in your home. It depicts the spectrum of colours you can achieve when anodising the material niobium. The mesmerising colours piece together in a rainbow pattern once having been woven together. The woven section has been attached to a sterling silver rocking frame. Niobium is a refractory material that refracts light from all angles. Therefore, Caitlin wanted there to be an element of motion to allow the piece to receive as much light as possible.


Materials: Silver and Niobium; dimensions: 75 x 75 x 45 mm

Artist Bio

Caitlin Murphy is an award-winning Northern Irish maker. Caitlin graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2022 with First Class Honours. She became a Fellow of Bishopsland Educational Trust in 2023 following on from her year-long postgraduate course. Caitlin recently received the QEST Mark & Tara Boddington Emerging Maker Scholarship allowing her to continue her studies at Bishopsland for a second year.

Caitlin received a graduate bursary stand at both Goldsmiths Fair 2023 in London and Elements Fair 2023 in Edinburgh where she showcased new and exciting work. Caitlin received a Future Makers Graduate Exhibition Support from the Design and Crafts Council Ireland to support her in these two exhibitions. Alongside of this, being supported for the last two years by the South Square Trust has allowed her to focus on silversmithing objects. Caitlin has also received a bronze and silver award in the ‘3D Finished Pieces’ category at the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards for her ‘Illusion Cube.’ She prides herself on attention to detail, from initial design to finished piece.

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